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How  Works
phone Net Chat is the ultimate communication tool and costs only per month.
It opens a communications window on your recipient's mobile phone or computer device. This enables you to maintain a safe Remote Social Distance while socializing or conducting business. It will seem as if you are sitting face to face with your them.

docs1 While the communications window is open, if doing business, you can send vitrually any item necessary to conduct your business including images, documents and web pages. Or just have fun sharing information with your friends or relatives. docs1

It is super convenient for an individual to open a communications window with you using any of the following methods:
Send A Clickable link.
On your Net Chat screen you can Click Send Link to email the link to your communications window that they only have to click in order to join you.
Add a Chat Icon to your website
chat Adding "Chat" icon to your web page gives people an incredibly convenient way of contacting you while they are visiting your site. When the icon is clicked a communications window is opened right inside your web page.

If you are in business, this is definitelty a necessity to do business in today's world.
Add a Chat Icon to your online advertisements
Add a "Click To Chat" link to all of your online advertisement to make it easy for your new customers to contact you:
Add your private address to your business cards and signs
Add your Net Chat address everywhere your phone number is printed, like your business cards, signs, and brochures. That way new customers just type it into the browser of their mobile phone or computer device to open a communications window with you. chat
Add A Clickable Link To Your Email Signature
You can generate a clickable link that can be added to your email signature that will look similar to this:

Your Name netChat
[email protected]
222 333 4444
Personal Chat: Click To Chat With Me
As you can see, one of the really great things about Net Chat  is that as long as someone has access to a browser on a mobile phone or a computer device, a communications window can be opened with you.

How convenient is that?