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Net Chat  is the ultimate sales and communications tool!

It is very flexible, and can be customized and adapted to any industry, for any purpose, and it is ideal for agents who sell one product or multiple products or for people who are not in business and want to have a private way of being contacted without the hassle of spam.

A neat feature is that you can pre-load images and documents and have them at your fingertips to send to your recipient, as well as live web pages that open right up in their communications window without them having to type anything. This also includes secure pages for them to view or even sign while you are in contact with them.

When you speak to someone on the phone just email or text your Net Chat  address to them and have them join you in your private communications window so that you can show them what you have in mind. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words, isn't it?  

Net Chat  can be accessed from your phone or mobile device to stay in touch when you are not in front of you computer.  

When using Net Chat for business purposes you will you get icons to put on your website to open a communications window right on that page. It is a very non-threatening, non-intrusive way for clients to make first contact with you that eliminates their worry of being bombarded with 100 phone calls or emails.

Net Chat  How does it work?

You are assigned a personal chat address that you should add wherever your contact phone number appears. It will look similar to this:    nchatt.com/JohnDoe
Net Chat  Must I be in front of my PC to use it?

No. When you are not in front of you main computer you can access your Net Chat  from your mobile phone or other mobile device.
Net Chat  How much does it cost?
Web Page Icon Service
if you only need a "Chat" icon added to your web page
Only $ / month
($10 one time setup fee)
Enhanced Service
business service that includes the Standard and Special features
Only $ / month
($25 one time setup fee)
Team Service
business service that includes Standard, Special, and Team features
Only $ / month
($39 one time setup fee)
Net Chat  How can I pay?

We accept major credit cards. You can choose if you want month-to-month or annual billing.
Net Chat  Is it easy to use?

Opening a window to communicate with you is very easy.
  • When someone sees your Net Chat  address on your business card, sign, or brochure, all they have to do is to type it into their web browser.
  • When someone sees your Net Chat  link in your email signature, they only have to click the link.
  • When someone sees your "Chat With Me" icon on your website, they merely click the link.
Net Chat  Do people have to download anything to communicate with me?

Nothing. Net Chat  is browser based, so whenever someone wants to communicate with you they merely type your Net Chat  address into their browser.

There is absolutely nothing for them to download.
Net Chat  Can I send things that are not pre-loaded?

Yes. There is an "On The Fly" option that allows you to send items that are not pre-loaded to your recipient's communications window.
Net Chat  Is it easy to pre-load items?

Pre-loading has been made super easy for you. It boils down to point and click.

Net Chat  What is the difference between Enhanced Service and Standard Service?

Enhanced Service allows you to send images, web pages, documents, and slide shows directly to your recipient's chat window. Therefore there is nothing for them to type into their browser to view what you want them to see.

Additionally, your recipient will be able to send documents back to you via the chat window, as well as navigate within the web pages that you send, including signing your secure web pages within their chat window.

Standard Service is for those who only need a chat window for their website. Your recipient will able to open a communication window with you from their phone, computer, or any mobile device whether they are on your website or not.
Net Chat  What are the benefits of Team Service?

Team Service is for situations where there are several agents working for an organization. Each agent will sign up for their own Net Chat setup and when 10 or more of your agents have signed p, your monthly net chat fee is reduced to zero.

A standard package of images, web pages, documents, and slideshows can be created that will automatically become a part of the pre-loaded items that are available to your agents. Agents still have the ability to add custom items that they feel will be important to have on hand for the the people with whom you speak.

You can schedule a training session with Net Chat  customer service to do a group demonstration with your agents to explain to them how to sign up and how to get the best use out of it
Net Chat  Must I sign a contract?

No. Net Chat  is provided on a month to month basis.
Net Chat  How do I signup?