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Are you making it as easy as possible for new customers to communicate with you?

Do you have a chat icon Icon on your web pages and online ads?

Do you have a QR Code Icon on your signs, printed advertisements, billboards?

If the answer to either of those questions you are not state-of-the-art and could be losing customers!

This is the era of "I want to be attended to right now" and chat has become the perferred first choice of communicating with companies. The public expects websites and ads to be up-to-date with chat capabilities. That means having a chat icons and a QR Codes properly placed is a requirement!

Net Chat Website Icon Service resolves that issue and make your company state-of-the-art!

Website Icon Service

Net Chat  Website Icon Service creates a personalized code snippet for you that will look similar to this:


which will update your website with a chat icon Icon (like you see in the lower right hand corner of this web page). That will enable them to communicate with you via our proprietary Net Chat receiving window application that you will install on your PC.

Click The Icon

Icon Icon

When your customer clicks the chat icon, a communications window will open right on your web page so that you don't miss any potential customers.

Chat Via Mobile Phone

NOT ONLY THAT! With Net Chat Website Icon Service your customer does not even have to be on your website to open a communications window with your Net Chat receiving window.

Icon Icon All they have to do is either enter your personal assigned code name into their mobile phone ( to open a communications window with you on your PC's Net Chat receiving window!

Alternatively, they can use their mobile phone to scan your personal QR Code Icon to open a communications window with you!

Set 'Not Available' Messages

Icon When you are away from your PC you can instruct your clients to leave a message for when you return, or instruct them to text your mobile phone, or any other instructions that you want to give them.

Pick Up Messages

Icon Then when you are back online, a notification will be displayed on your Net Chat receiving window informing you of the message waiting.

That way you are sure not to loose business.

Super easy to get completely set up in minutes

1. Download and install your Net Chat receiving window onto your PC
2. Copy and paste your personalized icon code snippet into your web pages. This immediately places a chat icon on those web pages.
3. THAT'S IT!     Your customers can now chat with you through your website!

And so inexpensive!

Only $15 per month
One Time $10 Setup Fee

Service includes:

  • Your personal Chat Icon Snippet for your website!
  • Your personal code name making direct communications possible for individuals who are not on your website!
  • Your personal Chat QR Code that you can add to your signs, billboards, and anywhere your phone number appears!
  • Your personal clickable Chat Icon Snippet that you can add to your online ads!
  • Your personal clickable Chat Icon Snippet for your email signature!
  • Your personal Chat Address to add to your signs, business cards, and other print media!

Sign Up For Net Chat Website Icon Service RIGHT NOW
and make sure that you do not lose customers to your competition!!
Monthly Fee: $15
One Time Setup Fee: $10
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